A Grounded Life!
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Personal Growth

Sometimes we just know that there could be more. More what? Happiness? Fulfillment? Peace? Connection?

Whatever you feel you are missing in your life, it is possible that if you and I explore your beliefs in a quiet and safe setting, that it may make a big difference.

My practice includes holding space for you and affirming who you are, while listening actively to what you say. I am able to let you know what I hear, and where there may be inconsistencies and old beliefs, and to guide to you a new place of understanding.

It is truly difficult for us to process our feelings and beliefs on our own. Our mind gets in the way. We can get caught up in what we think we should believe, or say, or do and lose track of what would be most meaningful for us.

We can also find ourselves in dead ends, where it seems there are no options. That is never the truth. It just seems that way.

Together we can explore parts of you and your life that you would like to be better. And know this – better is possible!