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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual to me means believing in a power or energy that is greater than us. Some people believe in God; some believe in Buddha; some believe in Muhammad; some believe in the Torah, some believe in the universe. The list of religious and/or spiritual beliefs is far too long for me to delineate here. You may be religious or spiritual or both. They are not necessarily exclusive of each other.

Spirituality tends to be more subjective – rather than a doctrine to follow, a person forms his/her own beliefs that resonate within as truth. Meditation and similar practices, such as Yoga and Tai Chi, are thought to provide inner peace and lead to inner happiness. There is a focus on what lies within as much as what lies outside of the self.

Usually there is a sense of being connected to a larger reality – of not being alone but being joined with other others in the human community as well as within nature or even within the divine realm.

I have both religious and spiritual beliefs and am open to helping you to explore what is most meaningful for you.